Royal Crown Cola Of 6pk  (RC)
RC DOB: 07/24/2018                          OFA
RC Came to us from Royal Cattledogs in
Chillicothe, MO. In February 2019  at 6 months
old. He looked so much like my boy Dew I had to
have him, upon his arrival we got to work on his
health clearances & training his first show was
IABCA where he earned his International &
National Titles the on to AKC where his first
show he went OBS over specials and BOW the
next day. He is AKC pointed and on his way.  

               Royal Crown Cola Of 6pk

Conformation - Awards Processed

POA Number of Points   2

Number of Points                             6
Number Major Wins                        0
Number Major Judges                      0
Total Number Judges                       5