CH. 6pk's Mug Root Beer RBISBBE NatBa. IntBa.  
Rooty was born 7/15/18 from an out breeding lease and is our new stud dog here at 6pk. He went  Reserve best In Show Breed By Puppy
at IABCA show  at 13 weeks old followed by Winners dog at Rose City Supported at 6 months old. Then he titled in just 7 days starting one
week with 1 point ending the week as a Champion!
Conformation - Awards Processed
Through Tuesday January 22, 2019

Number of Points                    16
Number Major Wins                  4
Number Major Judges              4
Total Number Judges               6
Rooty 1st Major 9/1/19
Rooty 2nd Major 9/6/19
Rooty 4th Major 9/8/19
Rooty 3rd Major 9/7/19
Rooty 1st Grand Champion Major and
Champions defeated!