South Fork Blues
South Fork Blues
Is my attempt to breed quality dogs for all areas of life.
My Males are titled in AKC conformation so you know
they are correct. And there temperaments are superior
to most males out there. They are members of my
family first, then show and breeding dogs. All of my
dogs live in the house. All puppies are born and raised
in the house a well. I only breed 1 to 2 litters per year.
We reside in Sparks Nevada & Eagle Creek Oregon
and travel between both homes until our Nevada
house sells then we will be solely in Oregon. If you
have questions about my kennel shoot me out an
email and I will be happy to answer your questions to
the best of my ability however I am very busy running
between homes at this time so it may take a couple of
days to get back to you.

Dawn Hodgkins