George & Bindi litter 42 DOB:
8/25/18 (3) Males & (3) Females
6pk's Red Bull
Ora & Shelly Hamel Comano Isle WA.
03 6pk Ruby Red Squirt
Time of birth: 4:20
04 Gina Harp RESERVED
Red Female
Time of birth: 5:00
Kathy Hadfield
Time of birth: 5:30
06 Korah & Lonnie Young RESERVED
Red male
Time of birth: 6:05
01  Caylen& Kass  Wojcik RESERVED
Red Female
Time of birth: 4:05
           All Puppies from tis litter have been placed!  

All puppies will have BAER Hearing test,  Full exams with ECG, DHLPP
vaccinations, wormed, Microchipped
Females will be tested for:
*Degenerative myelopathy
*Primary lens luxation
*Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive rod-cone degeneration