Ever wonder what these terms mean? Click the links below for information!
PRA/PRCD     (A)=Normal/Clear (B)=Carrier (C)=Affected ?
Vet checked
Microchiped   (I use Home Again microchips)
Wormed why do we worm puppies?
BAER hearing tested.
Purina Pro Plan chicken and rice puppy food.
NuVet Labs Immune System Builder
When choosing a breeder make sure they have tested their adult dogs and have an OFA number for you to check the results! If not, keep
looking. There is nothing worse then getting attached to a dog only to lose it due to poor breeding practises and lack of testing! A CHIC
number insures you that the dog has completed all testing required for that breed!  I am the first breeder on the west coast and one of the first
8 kennels in the nation to have their dogs chick numbers and all my dogs are fully tested!
All puppies leaving from 6pk have the following done, at 6 weeks
Full exam by veterinarian with results printed for buyers
BAER Hearing test Results 2 test in each ear Sent to OFA for certification and copy for buyers records.
EKG'S have been done to insure their heart is healthy.
Vaccinated with DHLPP at 6 weeks 9 weeks 12 weeks & 15 weeks
Wormed with Pyrantel and Panacure at least 3 times prior to leaving
Microchip implanted and registered to me with home again
AKC Registration Application to register your pup to you and your microchip with AKC reunite. I require
double registration on all microchips.
Copy of my contract signed this is also your bill of sale for this pup if you leave here with a 6pk puppy you
have agreed to my contract.
All 6pk dogs have been tested for PRCD/PLL/RCD4 some DM and other test now offered by paw print in the
younger dogs, that were not available in the older dogs tested with Optigen.
Some testing may not show because prelims prior to 1 year old do not post to ofa but results are available on
request.  I have 5 full generations tested and OFA/CHIC certified lines.  I was the first breeder on the west
coast to have CHIC numbers on all of my dogs AKC & NSDR registered.
I stand behind my dogs from birth to death. My dogs are not Cheep they are Healthy,  Happy & Correct.
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