Good morning. My husband and I purchased a puppy from you and I thought you would enjoy an updated picture.
Ginger just turned one in April and is such a great addition to our family. She forces Harlie, our 11 year old healer, to
be more active. Most of the time Harlie doesn't appreciate it, but it's still good for her. Ginger is the sweetest dog and
just loves playing with our 6 year old daughter. Thank you for breeding such fantastic dogs. If we are ever looking to
acquire another puppy we will call you first. Lynn. Sheridan OR.
Just wanted to give you an update on the puppies we purchased Friday. We have named them Ashes for Yale's dog(81) and I named
mine Ally(72). They are the neatest dogs. I took mine to work today (Accountants office) and thought it might be a problem with clients
coming in but she has not barked once and has laid under my desk when people do come in. They both are having fun. They are the
best dogs we have had. They already know the word no. The come most of the time. They are both very smart. We took them to show
friends and they couldn't believe how well behaved they were. They just sat and watched. We are thinking about getting a kiddy pool
for them to play in. They had a bath on Saturday. Didn't really care for that. Both have sleep through the night. Occasionally get up once
to go potty. They don't whine. Great Great Dogs!! Newport OR.
Samantha is now 12 and 1/3 pounds of crazy whirling-dervish happy smart stubborn cute puppy! I have had to start packing hydrogen
peroxide with us everywhere, after one episode of her swallowing a huge stuffed cat toy mouse in one gulp. and then  the ears off a
stuffed rabbit. and recently a rather expensive event of her swalloing a advil. she is qiuck. Everyone who sees her loves her beautiful
coloring and people loving nature. She began fetching and returning with her toy ball just today. and she starts kindergarten next
monday. PLEASE SEND US (HUMANS) MORE ENERGY TO KEEP UP! Thanks so much and a special hello to fresca and dew Cindy
Hi this is Brian I bought a pup a while back I have a friend looking for a male and female to take back to his ranch in
Mexico let em know if you have any dogs available right now. thank you Brain Juntion city  OR.
Rocky, (red) and Roscoe, (blue) are doing very well. They are real characters and each has their own unique
personality. They're fun little guys and growing everyday. It doesn't matter how many toys we give them, they
both want the same toy! John &  Michelle Clackamas OR
I just thought I would let you know that we are doing just fine. I thought it would be more of an adjustment but things are going
pretty well. After 5 days or so she was used to sleeping in her crate and she doesn't go to the bathroom in it even though its for
a large dog. When my husband comes home she runs to greet him and wags her tail and he is very happy about that. (my last
heeler, a stray always barked at him. Probably she was abused by a man) He said I did a really good job picking a dog because
she is cautious (of the horses) but not fearful. She was very entertaining tonight. She is beginning to play with the rott/lab mix
who treats her like it was her own puppy. The rott barked at her to settle down, and she barked back as if back talking. Then she
raced around behind and nipped at the older dogs tail. It was funny. And I'm really glad they get along. (when this dog was
dumped she was still lactating so I know she has had puppies.. she seems to know just how to handle her--firm but patient.
Anyway, we named her Ruby and we are all very happy with her. She chases her tail like her dad and she talks allot like her
mom. Kaye Lebanon OR.
Hi Kim we named our little boy Pokey Dot it just fit him. he is the smartest dog I have ever owned. he already asks
to go out to the bathroom and he fallows me everywhere I go he is so much fun  I just wanted to let you know that
he has settled in just fine and we are very pleased with him thanks again. Spring Midland OR.
We stopped by so you could see how she has grown. she is a wonderful dog my husband and I couldn't be
happier with her he even lets her sleep on our bed  he never let our other dog get away with that everyone who
sees her loves her outgoing personality thank you. Joyce. McMinnville OR.
Thank you for her she is just my perfect little princess. She is a wonderful, friendly, outgoing, intelligent dog.  I want
another one just like her!  We are having a blast showing and
winning it is even better when she beats Dew,  I told you
that she was the best. Thank you Jennifer. Dundee OR.
We just stopped by so you could see how she has grown she is a wonderful dog friendly and outgoing but still
proactive she is the smartest easiest to train dog we have ever had everyone who sees her falls in love with her
thank you for breeding such nice dogs. Marin. Sandy OR.
The male heeler [named Blue] I got from you last year, Hell be one year on 3-11-06. Is the smartest easiest to train,
family dog I've ever had. And my best friend. He loves to play ball, and lay at my feet. He also chases his tail like his
dad, makes me laugh. Larry Tillamook OR.
Here is an updated picture of tango he is a great dog we almost lost him twice once when her fell in to the
water on a walk and got his color hooked on a log and then he came down with parvo but he is doign fine now
we have breed our female a couple of times and she has had some awsom pups but tango was getting dog
aggresive so we neutered him and now we are just enjoying him as a family pet he is a great dog thank you
Valorie Siletz OR.
Cayenne is a total joy such a happy loving littel girl she's learned to shake and now of course anytime I ask
her to do anything she gives me a paw. we have about 10" of snow so far and cayenne loves it. thank you for
letting me have such a wonderfull dog if you ever need a referance just let me know. Bunny  Westerville OH.
Here is a photo of Jillaroo we call her Jilly- Bugs Thanks for a great dog she has been a wonderfull additon to
our family. Valorie  Vancouver WA.
She continues to surprise us with her smartness (our latest trick is high five!), her energy (she would play frisbee all day long
is we let her) and her down right sweetness!  She is my husband's constant companion and work mascot.  We love her very
much. Sara Burri
#100 Just wanted to update date you on Rex.  He's growing like crazy. As smart as a whip! He crated himself the second day he was home. He
knows many basic commands: sit, down, come & stay (when he wants to or is hungry!) and walking on a leash.  He's had two boat trips and has
learned to use the astroturf disguised puppy pad. My co-workers had a "puppy shower" for me the other night and he got lots of cool toys - but his
favorites are two heavy duty plastic containers that he can bat around outside.  He really seems to enjoy bigger toys that he can roll over, turn
upside down and generally push around. He's alittle "mouthy" and generous with his teeth - something we are really working hard on correcting.  
If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Jim and I want to thank you for your early socialization and care of our puppy.  It's
obvious he was well loved at your house and your first eight weeks started him down the right path. I am attaching his latest picture.  Jim & Deb
I thought I'd sent you a note to let you know how our puppy is doing. He is wonderful and we are so happy to have him! We named him "Hoss".
I've been meaning to send a few pictures but I never seem to get them off the digital camera and ready for e-mail! I should have some soon. He's very
smart, and has already made himself a much sought member of the family. We have noticed that he eats rocks like they are candy. Despite all of our
efforts to stop him, he can't resist them. Did his parents do this? Or other puppies in your litters? If they did, is it something that they've grown out
of as they get older? Between the two of us, my husband and I have had several dogs and we've never had one that eats rocks.  If you have any
advice I wouldn't mind putting it to work with him.
Other than that, he's doing well. He has had all of his shots, and loves his new vet and the staff (and they adore him). Hoss is great with our niece's
and nephew's. In fact, the 5 yr old comes over on Wednesday's and always calls first to make sure Hoss is ready to play pirates with him. Hoss still
has his white bear, although it is missing both eyes and has an arm which has been sewed. His "grandma" got him a soccer ball that he loves to
herd around the house, too.  He is full of energy, and for the most part the older dogs look at him and you can almost see them roll their eyes as he
runs up and down the fence trying to get them to come and play with him.  Noelle Muske
1 year
6 months
Hello!  I am thoroughly embarassed that I haven't talked to you before now!  Please forgive me.  No good excuses.
Joyce and I have completely and thoroughly enjoyed Edie since the first day we got her from you.  She is 5 months old
today, and is getting more mature all the time.  Not only did you nail my "want list" of looks and color to a "T", she's
turning out to have just the personality we would have chosen, too!   I don't see how anyone can predict with accuracy
how a puppy will look when it grows older; but you did. It's only fair to say that we wouldn't part with her if she hadn't
turned out to look like she does, though!  She's a welcome part of our family.  We buy her tricks and treats like those
doting people we used to pooh-pooh.
She's presently going through puppy obedience school, and of course is doing very good.  She's so smart it's a joy to
watch her and work/play with her.  We love her.  If you remember; once you said she "demands" attention.  Well, she
still does, and she gets it.
She's up on her shots and we'll have her spayed in July.  Everybody that meets her likes her, and my only fear is that
she'll follow someone home someday, or get stolen.  If anything ever happens, you can rest assured we'd be getting
ahold of you to get another puppy. Thanks so much, Ken & Joyce
5 months
I wanted to let you know that the puppy I got from you is the love of our lives.  My mom is spoiling her rotten and is
totally in love with her.  We have settled on Kammeyer's Ridgeback Lucille (Lucy for short) for her name.  When ever we
play with her, the back hair right down her spine goes straight up.  She kennels at night, but seems to migrate to my
room and sleeps on the rug next to my room sometimes on my bed.  It is going to be hard on her when I go back and
teach.  My mom is so in love with her. We are still working on house training. She get the idea, but doesn't give us
enough warning.  In fact she hardly barks, but when someone drives in, she watches and barks to let us know.  We have to
be very careful about how we talk to her because she is very sensitive.  She is learning not to chase the cats, no teeth, sit,
stay, come, does pretty well on leash, and loves to play in the water. Down is hard, wants to get close to us for some
loving.  Right now she is stretched out in front of a fan in the family room.  The cat in the picture is Jack and they are
both enjoying the cool inside the house.  Too hot for anyone outside.  Lucy spends most of the day in side and only goes
out when we are with her.  Too much traffic and want her to be safe.  Needless to say, Lucy is well loved and spoiled.  
Raeline Kammeyer
I just wanted to update you on Titan.  I am planning on putting him in a show at the end of July.  He is doing great and I
think he is going to be better in obedince and agility then regular show ring but we will see.  He is awesome, i can not
thank you enough for this boy. He listens only to me and had really started to protect the house and me. It is great, he
ha also became more aggressie but not crazy lol which is what I wanted. He is huge to, at 6 months he is taller then
every dog in the house except the Sharpe/Lab/Chow mix and he is every bit of 45 pounds i have not weighed him lately
so he may be even bigger now.  He really is an exceptional dog.  Thank you again. I could not remember if i sent you a
picture of him lately so I attached one.
Hello Kim, you may not remember me I got a blue male pup from you back in september, well I finally got my
computer up and running, but I thought I would let you know I entered him in the Spokane dog show over labor day  
and he was the only one there and the first day the judge really liked him cause she told me she has never  seen a
cattle dog so happy his tail was just going a mile a minute, so put him in the group and she said she was  happy to see
me put him in the group, the second day the judge liked him,but said for his age he would of liked to seen him a little
more stocky, but that was his first show cause I have been sick off and on and family health problems, but I have him
entered in the Redmond show, I have alot of work to do on him cause he does not like to have his back legs messed
with, but I am working real hard on that.I was going to call you after we got him cause I was going to ask you if I
bought a dog or a cat?cause he ponces on things like a cat and to this day he still pounces like a cat, but we just love to
bits and wouldn't trade him for anything I am real happy with him.well better go for now need to get to bed to get up
early for work will write later or see you at Redmond.
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the new pooch.  I think you did a great job in bringing him up and
preparing him for the handoff.  I'll give you a big recommendation should you want one.  "Blue" is adjusting well with
the other dogs.  He gets to run around in the 40x50 kennel all day (actually, he sleeps), then spend the evening and
night with me (unfortnately, not sleeping).  He's already leaning to fetch a ball and bring it back,... 3 or 4 times before
he looses focus.  Here is a poster photo I made of him in my studio.  I have it hanging on my office wall at work.  Lots of
complements from one and all.  Thanks, again.  Dave
I know that we are a touch early with the pictures, but I had to go ahead and give you an update since we got home.  
After doing much exploration and playing with everyone for a while, Kyndl and April fell asleep on us.