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  • We now offer complete physical exams with
    discounts on litter exams, including a report card on
    each puppy documenting exam findings
  • OFA certifiable cardiac auscultation (for breeds that
    do not require a specialist)
  • OFA patella luxation certification
  • OFA Dentation
  • We will also be happy to draw blood for OFA
    thyroid, PRCD, PRA, ect.  And assist you in
    completing the paper work and preparing the
    sample for mailing
  • We will always offer our BAER testing on dogs 35
    days and older with a free retest on any dog that
    does not test normal the first time and
  • ISO Microchipping with registration

Questions about BAER testing and how it works?  See a
a video of the testing done

Questions about
why BAER testing is done and
recommended by the OFA, find out more

Which breeds are on the list for congenital hearing
problems?  Find out
here courtesy of the OFA.

OFA now has special pricing on non radiograph
submissions.  Submit 3 non radiograph OFA tests for
$7.50 ea instead of $15!  

Get Dentation, Patella, and Cardiac or BAER, Patella
and Cardiac done to take advantage of the special OFA

Do you have a pet with hearing loss or that has gone
deaf?  We have a
list or resources to help with training
and new developments in canine hearing aids.
Now Providing Mobile BAER Testing & Preventive Veterinary Services