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Canine Auditory Response Evaluation is the only MOBILE
BAER testing group in Oregon.  We will provide you OFA
certifiable test results at a time and place convenient for
you and your dogs.  We are available for
evening and
weekend testing!  A licensed veterinarian and technician
will perform the testing on your dogs and puppies.  Most
dogs tolerate the testing very well and sedation is rarely
required but it is available if necessary.

BAER stands for brainstem auditory evoked response.  
This is a test done with a small machine that creates a
signal or click sound in the ear.  The resulting response in
the ear and brain is measured by EEG electrodes placed
on the head.

BAER testing can be done on any dog to accurately
determine hearing capability.  Since congenital deafness
affects dogs in the first few weeks of life, testing can be
done on puppies as early as 35 days of age.  It can also
be done to determine hearing loss in senior dogs, or in
dogs that have had chronic ear problems.

BAER testing is the only accepted method by the OFA to
test and certify a dog's hearing.

Congenital deafness is an increasing problem and has
been documented in over 80 breeds of dogs!  It is
commonly seen in breeds with white pigment but can
occur in any breed of dog.  The merle (dapple) and
piebald patterns are particularly linked with congenital
deafness.  Congenital deafness may occur in one or both
ears.  Individuals that are only affected in one ear are
difficult to identify without BAER testing because they act
and respond normally, but they are just as likely to pass
on the genes for congenital deafness as dogs affected by
deafness in both ears.

Detecting deafness, especially unilateral deafness, in
dogs can help us tailor our breeding programs to
decrease the incidence of affected dogs.  In addition,
many owners of bilateral deaf puppies experience
frustration in training because they do not realize the
puppy's condition.  By detecting this condition early,
owners can then adjust there training tactics to the
puppy's specific needs, creating a healthier and stronger
bond between owner and pet.
Canine Auditory Response Evaluation
Now Providing Mobile BAER Testing & Preventive Veterinary Services