6pk's sale contract
     Kimberly Robinson 21700 SW Hwy 18 Sheridan OR 97378 (971) 241-3597
     www.6pkcattledogs.com                                          info@6pkcattledogs.com

Contract for the sale of ACD _____________________

entered in to on this ____ day of _____________, 2020

Seller: Kimberly Robinson, 6pk Cattledogs

(1) Buyer agrees to the purchase price of $_________ and the terms as listed.
Deposit is: $________ and non refundable.  Balance due in Cash at pickup $_________
Shipping cost $______are the responsibility of the buyer and are in addition to the price of
the puppy. If shipping puppy everything must be paid in full by 6 weeks or age.

(2) This pup Must carry the kennel name
6pk first in their registered name.
(3) This pup is PRCD (-) He/She has not been tested.
(4) This pup is PLL (-)  He/She has not been tested.
(5) Buyer agrees not to house this dog on a chain or Kennel for any extended period.
(6) Buyer will complete vaccination schedule as advised by seller, and will use NuVet Plus®   
immune system builder, as directed by the manufacturer, for the first year.  
(7) Seller guarantees this pup against breed specific genetic defects Guarantee is void if dog
is breed prior to testing!
(8) Buyer agrees to do all CHIC required testing
Prior to breeding this pup, and will not breed
this pup if any OFA certifications are failed. And Spay / Neuter if not showing, In accordance
with their veterinarians recommendations.
(9) If pup is to be a breeding bitch Buyer agrees not to breed before two years old & Never
breed more then every other cycle and no more then 6 litters total.
(10) Buyer must provide complete medical records for dog if returning the dog. And is
responsible for all veterinary bills incurred while dog is in their care.
(11)  If pup/dog is diagnosed with a covered genetic defect seller will replace pup with one of
equal value, upon return of the dog or proof of spay/neuter or Euthanasia. Depending on
condition. This is at the breeders discretion  
There will be no Cash refunds for any reason.
(12) Guarantee is Void if buyer has not taken care of this dog seller reserves the right to put
buyers on a No-Sale list if  buyer neglects or abuses this dog!
(No replacement for any dog that has been neglected or abused.)
(13) All puppies purchased from 6pk must be registered within 30 days of the purchase or the
pup will be registered to 6pk. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance of
purchase. This includes there Microchip registration with AKC reunite.
(14) buyer is required to have a complete exam No more then 1 week from pick up date. To
insure that they have purchased a healthy puppy free of defects.

This is your copy of the contract If you have purchased a 6pk cattle dog you have read
and agreed to the terms stated above.

                                                   Your puppy guarantee

All puppies purchased from 6pk cattledogs are guaranteed against breed specific genetic
defects.  If during your testing you find a problem with your puppy contact me within 2 weeks
of the findings. I reserve the right to second opinion at buyers expense. If there is a genetic
defect with the puppy I require the puppy be spayed/neutered, or require the puppy be sent
back to me at buyers expense. Depending on the defect. I do require that the puppies
registration be signed over to me and returned to me. Once this has been done. I will replace
your pup with one of equal value. If I do not have a puppy at that time you will be put on the
waiting list for my next litter. I am not responsible for any cost of testing or medical care. And I
will not give cash refunds For any reason. All 6pk puppies have been BAER tested,
examined, Vaccinated Wormed by a veterinarian. We start there vaccinations at 6 weeks old
and then they are vaccinated every 3 weeks until they are 15 weeks of age. I only feed Purina
Pro Plan dog foods to all my dogs, Due to the varying kinds of food and different
environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies
have immune systems that take time to mature, the terms of this guarantee may not be
honored unless they are given NuVet Plus® immune system builder, as directed by the
manufacturer, for the first year. We also highly recommend you continue to give your pet
NuVet Plus beyond the guarantee period to promote optimal health for a lifetime. So you get
the healthiest puppy possible. When you get a 6pk puppy you are getting the very best. It is
up to you to keep it that way. Remember a puppy is a lifetime commitment and should be
treated as such. You get back only what you put In that is why we use only the best.

All puppies purchased from 6pk are welcome back If for any reason you are unable to keep
your dog contact me first so I may find another appropriate home for it. If for any reason you
are unhappy with your dog contact me immediately so that I may have a chance to remedy
the problem.

 Vaccination schedule
I have started your puppy on their vaccinations it is up to you to keep them on the schedule
to keep them protected and healthy there vaccinations and worming is as follows! Remember
you can vaccinate yourself at home but the vaccinations you buy are not guaranteed by the
manufacturer the only way to insure you are receiving the best possible for your pup is by
going to your veterinarian and having them take care of your pup.

(1) 6 WEEKS __/___/___  DHLPP, Complete Exam, BAER testing, Microchip implanted.
                                   DEWORMING:  __/__, __/__,__/___,___ Pyrantial Pamoate.
(2)  9 WEEKS __/__/____ DHLPP WITH CORONA:

If Needed)

If Needed)

I highly recommend 4-H if you have children or basic puppy classes. It is a great way to
socialize your pup and get them started on there way to being a great dog. Puppies love to
learn and interact so take advantage of this time to teach & bond you will never regret it.

6 MONTHS Time for RABIES __/__/____

Some vets will now go to 3 year vaccinations on DHLPP & RABIES
Bordetella should be done every 6 months (If around other dogs regularly )
Lyme, Lepto & Influenza should be given yearly with well pet exams. Cattledogs love to catch
and eat rodents so Lepto is important in this breed Do Not Skip It!
You should to have your dog examined yearly to ensure its health. Also vaccinations  need to
be boosted yearly! Consider having  blood work done on your puppy at a year old it is very
helpful to head off problems if your doctor can see what is going on before a problem arises
prevention is always less expensive then treatment! And treatment cant always save your
pet! Prevention can. Start your dog on Prevention ask your vet what is needed for your
specific area! Save yourself time and money and use a name brand flea treatment on your pet
if you are in a heartworm area consider using Revelation or Sentinal it kills and also protects
your dog from heartworm in one application or chew tab every month!
And remember I have an open door policy to all my dogs and buyers if you have any
questions or concerns please ask I am here to help!

 General information

Puppies should not be considered fully vaccinated until they have completed their puppy
vaccination schedule. They should not be taken to places where other dogs frequent like
parks, rest areas, stores, keep them at home until they are done with their vaccinations for
their own protection! Then by all means take them out and expose them to as much as
possible the more you socialize your dog the better dog you will have! Keep them around
people and teach them what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Everyone loves a puppy,
no one likes being jumped on and chewed on by one! Never give them old shoes or socks to
play with they do not know the difference between your old stuff and your new stuff. It is
always better if they have their own toys to play with, and then if they are chewing on
something of yours take it away and give them their own toys! This can save you much time
and money in the future, not to mention headaches. Feeding a good quality food will also
save you money in the future in vet bills. It will also give your dog a better quality of and
longer life. Food does matter. If you never give your dog people food, they will never beg for
it, and they will eat their own food that is balanced and formulated for their needs! Then you
will not end up with an obese dog. It is much easier to never have a problem then it is to get
the weight off of them when they are older. I feed free choice Purina Pro Plan Puppy food for
the first year of life unless I have a pup that is getting heavy then It goes to meal feedings 3
times a day at 6 months old, but I keep them on puppy food for the first year, as well as using
NuVet, Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies
come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to
mature, the terms of this guarantee may not be honored unless they are given NuVet Plus;
immune system builder, as directed by the manufacturer. We also highly recommend you
continue to give your pet NuVet Plus beyond the guarantee period to promote optimal health
for a lifetime. It is a good idea even if you are not trimming your dog nails to get them used to
having it done so if you need to do them it is not a fight makes it a fun time and play with their
feet allot so that they don’t struggle to get away when you pick up their feet. Also lift their lips
and look at their teeth, and get them used to having their face and mouth handled.

 NuVet & NuJoint

As a dog breeder, animal health is my top priority.  That’s why I enthusiastically recommend
NuVet Plus immune system builder to all of my customers.  Simply put, it is the best
nutritional supplement available today.
To assure your puppy gets off to the right start, they have been enjoying NuVet Plus every
day as a treat (they love the taste).  Continuing this daily regimen is the easiest and best way
to keep your pet on the path to perfect health!
Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are using NuVet to support their immune system
and provide optimal health.  A strong immune system will protect them from environmental
and food toxins such as back yard pesticides, hormones, germs from public places, and
even toxic formaldehyde in furniture and carpeting.  NuVet Plus will not only protect but also
help them maintain a beautiful skin and coat. This is not just a vitamin. It’s an immune system
builder with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high-
potency antioxidants. That’s why it works so well through all three stages of a dog’s life.
P        For puppies - Fills the immunity gap all puppies experience. Shortly after birth maternal
antibody effectiveness is greatly reduced. By 8 weeks your puppy’s immune system is at a
vulnerable point. Once in their new home, the immune system is weakened by the stress of
adoption and exposure to novel bacteria and viruses in their environment.  This is also when
the vaccine series is started. Vaccines are most effective if the immune system can respond
properly.  Starting NuVet Plus now is important to helping your puppy grow into a healthy

    For dogs in their prime - Improves the luster of their skin and coat while providing the
necessary antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, mineral and more to sustain their body’s peak
performance during the prime of their lives.

   For older dogs – Helps provide the nutritional requirements to help them live long, happy,
and productive lives in their senior years.  
NuVet is not available in stores, and is only available to the general public with an order code
from an authorized pet professional.
For your convenience, you may order directly from the manufacturer by calling   800-474-
7044 and using Order Code:
20573, or ordering online at www.nuvet.com/20573.  You can
also save an additional 15% and assure you never run out of NuVet by choosing the
“AutoShip” option at check out.  
Please order prior to picking up your pup!

I can not recommend the nuJoint supplement strong enough for aging dogs it has put the
pup back in to my 10year old with old joints he could not get up and run before using this
product. Even my veterinarian uses this product on her own dogs.