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Here at 6pk we do not have an application for puppy purchase. As
every person puppy and placement is different!  We have a more
personal approach as we believe that every puppy buyer is an
extinction of our family and we treat it as such.
Our personalised screening process includes:
1. I do require a veterinarian reference, I will not take a reference
from your friend or co-worker.
2. I will need to talk with you just a chat to see what your
expectations for your dog are!
3. I encourage visiting my kennel and meeting my dogs, if you do
not like the parents you will not like the puppy. If you do not like
me or my set up you may want to look elsewhere for your pup as
5. I encourage you contact other 6pk dog buyers to ask them about
their dog and there experiences with me as a breeder. This is the
purpose of the 6pk face book page!
6. I require you to read over my contract It is posted on this web
site. If you purchase a 6pk puppy you agree with all the terms of
my contract.  
7. Please tell me if you are a Veteran. I have great respect for
those who have served our country, I do have discounts available
for service members.
Face book