Hip Dysplasia  (evaluation at two years or older)(Average Cost for this test is $240.00 Most breeders do a  preliminary
at 1 year then redo it at 2 years for there certification)

* OFA evaluation
* OVC evaluation
* PennHip evaluation

Elbow Dysplasia (evaluation at two years or older)  (Average Cost for this test is $90.00 if it is done at the same time  
hips otherwise it can cost
$120.00 It is also done at 1 year & 2 years old)

* OFA evaluation
* OVC evaluation

Eye Clearance (at least one evaluation at two years or older) (Normally done yearly Average cost is $40.00)


Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) DNA Test - from an approved laboratory (Done once Optigen price is $195.00)

* Optigen test results registered with the OFA. First Generation Offspring of tested dogs eligible for Clear By Parentage
(A to A breedings). Obligate Carriers (A to C breedings) are also eligible. In addition, for Clear By Parentage, or
Obligate Carriers, the sire, dam, and offspring must all be DNA profiled to verify parentage.

Primary Lens Luxation (PLL)  DNA Test - from an approved laboratory (done once Optigen price is 90.00)
PLL is an important inherited disease of the eye that is associated with disintegration of the zonule fibers that hold the
lens in place. Once the lens is displaced from its normal position, i.e. it “subluxates” or “luxates”, serious and often
painful secondary glaucoma can occur; blindness is a common outcome.  PLL is always a bilateral condition however
there may be a period of several months or longer between the points when the two lenses luxate.

rcd4-PRA (Late Onset PRA) (Done once Optigen price is 90.00)

rcd4-PRA is a Late Onset PRA (LOPRA)
The disease caused by the C2orf71 mutation does not typically result in vision loss until dogs are in their senior years--
beyond 7 years of age. The initial data cited in the AHT publication indicate that the average age of onset of PRA
symptoms in dogs that inherit two copies of the C2orf71 mutation is 10 years of age however variation in age of onset is
common in many forms of PRA and some dogs may not show symptoms of rcd4-PRA until they are 12 or older.

Congenital Deafness
* OFA evaluation based on BAER test
(Done once Normally as a puppy by the breeder Average cost $75.00)

Patellar Luxation (Optional)  (Done once by your regular Veterinarian Average cost $40.00)

* OFA evaluation, minimum age 1 year

Congenital Cardiac Database (Optional) (Done once by your regular Veterinarian Average cost $40.00)

* OFA evaluation

(Done once after a year for certification and for preliminary in place of OFA 450.00-600.00)

* PennHip at 6 months optional for measuring laxity that is correlated with future dysplasia, however, evaluation at this
age will not meet the CHIC hip evaluation requirement.

Radiographic consultation for OCD of the Hocks. (Optional) (Average Cost for this test is $120.00, $65.00 if it is done at
the same time  hips & elbows.
(This is the only testing I have not done on my breeding dogs! It was added after I had
completed my dogs testing!)

Cost very depending on location this is just the average cost of the genetic testing done on this breed. Responsible
breeders also do
Yearly (Blood work, Exams, Vaccinations, Worming) Average cost $270.00 on there dogs to insure
there health and head off possible illnesses. As you can see breeding quality dogs is expensive The average bitch is
breed for 3 to 4 years then retired! Then it starts all over again. Quality breeders only breed one or two different
breeds. They feel that the Breed of dogs that they have are the best dogs out there or they would not and should not be
breeding them!

Hear at 6pk I strive to breed healthy happy and what I consider to be the best ACD'S I am always looking for better
conformation and personalities to breed in to my lines. You will never see a name on a pedigree more then once!
I stand behind every dog I sell not for a Week or Month or Year. But for LIFE.
Average cost of my puppies range from: $800.00 - $3500.00 Depending on Titles, Testing & Investment of sire & Dame.
Also any puppy purchased from 6pk is welcome back. If for any reason you can no longer care for your dog I will take
them back and find them a new home. I never want to see one of my puppies in a shelter.

Average cost per puppy:  Exam $40.00 Vaccinations $40.00 Wormings $20.00 BAER testing $75.00  Microchip; $45.00
Registration cost $30.00 Food & Toys $250.00 (
Grand total per puppy: $500.00)
(this cost covers puppies for the first 8 weeks and then goes up from there)
What is the Required & Optional testing
Australian Cattle Dogs
The average cost of testing.